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Customer Statements

Monty Roberts

„I have had significant experience with Otto Sport at Gestüt Fährhof for several years. My observations would indicate that this was a very wise decision. The long time that I have experienced with Otto Sport has shown me many advantages. The surface of the Otto Sport round pen stays much more level than the ones here on my California property. In addition, I have had the same soil in the German round pen for seven years while I have changed the soil twice a year in California. The moisture stays more evenly distributed which seems to me to be safer for the horses. (…) I know that Otto Sport is very effective, both from the standpoint of its architectural value as well as its qualities regarding the safety and well being of the horses.”

Klaus Balkenhol
(Double Olympic Team Champion Dressage)

„It is important that the soil is neither too hard nor too smooth. For horses, the soil has to be a little skidding, so it shouldn’t be too blunt. Additionally, the soil has to be water-permeable and ought to have a good degree of moisture. It should neither be muddy nor too dry. Mats fulfilling these requirements we received from Otto Sport, a well-known producer of equestrian surfaces with presence around the globe (e.g. for the World Equestrian Games of Rome 1998). We applied to Otto Sport, and it was a good decision to construct our equestrian surface in that way. We also use OTTO mats in our indoor arena as we need a soil which is level but not slippery. The knobs on the mats provide a good consistency so horses will find a strong foothold.”

Lars Nieberg
(Double Olympic Team Champion Jumping)

„I have been riding and training on OTTO mats since 1996 when I took charge of the  Wäldershausen stud. I am convinced of the optimal drainage features and the concussion absorption. Hooves and joints of my horses are evidently less claimed. At international equestrian events I always had good experiences on OTTO Sport surfaces which receive rave reviews by the competitors regularly.”

Billy Twomey
(TOP 10, World Ranking Jumping)

„I have chosen to install the Otto Sport equestrian surface because I think that the mixture of matting, sand and fibres is the most natural system to train on. I especially appreciate the consistency of the system and the concussion absorption features. I believe that this system can actually be very beneficial to horses.”

Lukáš Klouda
(successful Czech vaulter, trainer)

"After long-term experience with Otto Sport surfaces as an active competitor at several premier events like the World Equestrian Games of Aachen 2006, Kentucky 2010, the World Cup Finals Leipzig 2011 or even as the organizer of the World Vaulting Championships Brno 2008, I must say that I couldn't recommend any other surface than this. It provides solid conditions for every competitor, perfect elasticity for horses or even for gymnasts when they are landing on it. Together with experience, long warranty and last but not least TÜV approval, these are all arguments for me to decide again for Otto Sport quality next time."

Patric Looser
(World Champion Vaulting 2010, European Champion 2011, World Cup Winner 2011 & 2012)

"I could celebrate my biggest World Championship, European Championship and World Cup victories on surfaces made by OTTO. But that’s not the only reason why I’m convinced of the surface quality. My horses felt very comfortable, and I could really feel their step security. The surface was never too hard, did not slip, but also provided a gentle resilience to allow an energetic and consistent gallop. For me as a vaulter, the surfaces were always comfortable to compete on, because I always had an amazing feeling during the take-offs and landings. The different matting systems with different set-ups that depend on the type of irrigation are entirely convincing to me. My facility will only be equipped with an Otto Sport surface!"

Dr. Katrin Baumgartner
(Veterinarian, Nuremberg Zoo)

„In Nuremberg Zoo, positive effects are evident with a view to the heavy-weight Shire Horses (up to 1000 kg!), the Poitou Donkeys, the Shetland Ponies and Donkeys. Especially the formation of muddy paddocks is avoided. With reference to the Shire Horses, we really benefit from having this type of soil as there is an elevated sensitivity of coming down with mallenders for the horses if they have to stand on a muddy ground frequently.”

Dr. Andrea Pabst

„We are keen on the OTTO Stable Mats that are set in our barns. The special thing about the OTTO Perforated Mats installed in our paddocks and arenas is their ability to enhance horses’ blood circulation. A lot of risks can be minimized or even completely avoided by using the perforated mats. We have had very positive experience concerning the blood circulation of the extremities and the hoof structure.”

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