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Subterranean Irrigation System

…constant moisture for your footing

With our Subterranean-Irrigation-System, watering is done “from below”: By means of sensors, the water level is measured constantly and regulated accordingly through a piping system in order for the footing to remain steadily moist. Watering the arena manually, which can often be troublesome, is no longer necessary. Our Subterranean-Irrigation-System is available in two versions: “CLASSIC” (without OTTO Perforated Mats) and “SUPREME” (with OTTO Perforated Mats).

subterranean-irrigation-system layers en  

Essentially, both versions are equal in functionality. A decisive difference, however, is that using the “SUPREME” version of the system, OTTO Perforated Mat provides lasting elasticity and, as a result, considerably higher comfort for the horses’ musculoskeletal system compared to the “CLASSIC” version.

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