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OTTO Stable Mat

…for comfortable warmth and concussion absorption in stables.

The tried and tested OTTO Stable Mats create a warm and comfortable environment in the stables, providing maximum comfort to the horse.   stallmatte-pferde_300
Special chambers on the bottom side of the mat create a warming air cushion. One major advantage is that less shavings are required, only necessary to soak up urin. Mucking out and maintaining stables is easier, more cost-effective, and produces less waste.   stallmatte-unterseite_300
    - Bottom side -

The installation of OTTO stable flooring is really easy: The mats can be set on any solid and level ground. If required they may be cut to the desired size with a saw. As the mats are connected to each other, there is no buckling or lifting of the mats.

Product Information:
Measures: 45.28 x 29.53 x 1.57" (115 x 75 x 4 cm)
Covered Area:   9.26 ft. (0,86 sqm)
Weight: approx. 28 kg
Material: elastic synthetics

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