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OTTO ReiTex - The surface for hobby riders


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ReiTex is an equestrian surface made of new automotive carpets which is specially adapted to the requirements of leisure time and hobby riders. As it is a non-decomposing material, the ReiTex surface is of great durability. It does not have to be watered and is easy to maintain. One major advantage of ReiTex is that it is frost-resistant and therefore non-seasonal. Due to its concussion absorption and stability properties it creates an ideal environment for dressage exercises, ground work training or even light jumping. In a nutshell, ReiTex is the cheap and practical option for all riders that preferably like to spend their leisure time on horseback without having any ambition for competitive sports.


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Construction of the ReiTex-Footing

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Protection of humans, animals and environment is an important part of our company philosophy. This is one of the reasons why we regularly perform tests of our ReiTex material in accordance with scientific standards in order to approve compliance with statutory provisions.

Tests conducted by the German Association for Technical Inspection (TÜV) approve the ReiTex material to comply with all standards set by the German legislation for soil and groundwater protection. Please click here for the complete analysis report (available in German only): 

Analysis Report ReiTex (GER)

Warranty & Delivery Conditions
  • We provide a warranty of 10 years on the functionality of our all-weather arena surface ReiTex subject to appropriate maintenance.
  • Delivery will take place via free accessible, paved road or construction site (truck 40 tons) without unloading. Unloading has to be done promptly and adequately by the customer.

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