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OTTO Perforated Mat

...the durable solution for equestrian arenas and paddocks!



The original OTTO Perforated Mat is a product made of resilient material that is specially designed for equestrian sports. It is used on equestrian arenas and paddocks, set underneath the footing to provide maximum drainage, concussion mitigation, stability for horse and rider, and a proper and durable separation of footing and substructure.

Functional Principle and Features of the OTTO Perforated Mat:



lm-elastizitaet_500   The OTTO Perforated Mat provides significant stability and concussion relief of the footing. The force of the striking hoof is absorbed by the mat to a high extent. The Perforated Mat plays an important role in maintaining horses’ soundness: The mat system protects joints from debilitating, long-term damage due to concussion, and tendon damage due to instability and slippage from traditionally hard upper base surfaces. According to a scientific study of the German Association for Technical Inspection (TÜV), the OTTO system provides concussion absorption up to 40 percent.

pdficon smallTÜV-Report Concussion Relieve


Skid Resistance

lm-rutschsicher_500   A specially designed system of traction-knobs of different heights on the upper side of the OTTO Perforated Mat guarantees a secure surface and base, and high stability. Furthermore, it prevents horses from slipping and sustaining serious injuries.


Water Permeability

lm-drainage_300   Through drainage holes surplus water drains off quickly. Therefore the arena can be used immediately after persistent rain activity. Muddy paddocks that lead to serious hoof complications, are a thing of the past.


Water Reservoirs

lm-speicher_300   To minimize respiratory damage due to dusty footings, the OTTO Perforated Mat has a water retention system. In the water reservoirs, up to four litres of water per square metre are conserved. Moisture is homogeneously transferred to the footing to get the perfect consistency. Yet the adjacent drainage holes still ensure immediate drainage of excess rainwater: A typical OTTO Sport dressage arena can retain as much as 4,800 litres of water after a heavy rain – yet allows riders to resume work immediately due to superior drainage.


Separation of Footing / Substructure

002b_lochmattesandsperringe_300   On the underside of the mats, “locking-rings” ensure safe anchorage of the mat in the base layer (clean, washed stone). Because of their tapered shape, the mats are “locked” in place, preventing all lateral shiftings of mats. Sand cannot get under the mats, all upward shiftings are eliminated. In that way, the Perforated Mat ensures a proper and durable separation of footing and substructure.



Click here to download a compilation of all advantages of our Perforated Mat:
The OTTO Perforated Mat makes the difference

Product Information:
Measures: approx. 46.06 x 33.46 x 1.97 " (117 x 85 x 5 cm)
Covered Area: approx. 10.76 sq ft. (1 m²)
Weight: approx. 21 kg
Material: Resilient Synthetics

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