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OTTO Closed Mat

...for enhanced water retention in dry regions!


The OTTO Closed Mat is specially designed for equestrian arenas in hot climate zones and extremely dry regions with very low precipitation probability, as for instance characteristic for the Arabian Pensinsula.

  zabeel-dubai 300


This model offers the same quality features as the Perforated Mat does:

  • Concussion mitigation
  • Non-slip properties (traction-knobs of different heights)
  • Safe anchorage in the base layer (locking-rings)
  • Proper and durable separation of footing and substructure


The only difference:

The OTTO Closed Mat does not have drainage holes. In that way, capacity of the water retention system is doubled to eight liters of water per square meter. However, drainage is partly ensured by considering an expansion joint during setting of the mats.

  geschlossene-matte 300


Product Information:
Measures: approx. 46.06 x 33.46 x 1.97 " (117 x 85 x 5 cm)
Covered area: approx. 10.76 sq ft. (1 m²)
Weight: approx. 22 kg
Material: resilient synthetics

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