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OTTO Arena Footing

…solutions for each equestrian discipline

OTTO footings provide customized solutions for every equestrian discipline. We individually adapt the footing mixture to the customer's needs and will always find the appropriate blend for every equestrian arena or paddock in order to enable our customers to train and compete on a high-performance, durable footing. Therefore, we offer different types of footing with and without footing amendments.


arena-tex_400   OTTO-ArenaTex | "Kentucky 2010 blend"

The modern footing type, in order to prepare your riding arena for being in the spotlight! OTTO-ArenaTex contains geotextiles and synthetic fibres as amendments in order to ensure the appropriate surface consistency. Moreover, the geotextiles help maintaining correct moisture levels of the footing - they save up to 10 litres of water per square metre. One of the major advantages of OTTO-ArenaTex is its great durability.

arena-span_400   OTTO-ArenaSpan

The classic footing version: The sand is mixed with wooden chips to guarantee the correct surface consistency.
arena-pad_400   OTTO-ArenaPad

A mixture that is specially matched to the specific demands of paddocks: OTTO-ArenaPad enhances drainage features of paddocks, particularly in combination with the OTTO Perforated Mat. Therefore, surplus water always drains off quickly and horses will feel comfortable all around.


As a company with references all over the world we prefer working with top-of-the-line sand that deserves to be designated as "sand for equestrian sports". For our special footing mixtures we only use types of sands that have been tested in our company-owned laboratory and have been approved to fulfil highest quality standards for use as “equestrian sports sand”.


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