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The history of Otto Sport- und Reitplatz GmbH has its origins in the early 1960s when company founder Werner Otto started being engaged in the construction of sports arenas. About twenty years ago he began to specialize in designing and building riding arenas. With enthusiasm he kept on researching in order to develop a complete all-weather arena system that would provide the ideal environment for equestrian sports.

For the durable usage of a riding arena – even during persistent precipitation – the base layers had to offer optimal drainage features. Non-slip properties and the ability to absorb shock were the tasks to cope with in order to guarantee safety of both horse and rider. By continuous research and improvements the goal was finally attained: The OTTO Perforated Mat fulfilled and exceeded all requirements for a true all-weather, world-class arena system.

The mixing of the footing was another challenge the company had to deal with. After numerous tests in the family-owned laboratory they were successful: In combination with the riding mat system, the special footing mixture has proven to be the ideal riding surface for equestrian sports.

Almost 20 years of experience throughout the equestrian sector has shown OTTO Sport- und Reitplatz GmbH to be one of the leading companies in the design and installation of riding arenas. With nearly 5,000 installations worldwide, professionals, owners, trainers and amateur riders now recognize OTTO Sport as the best-engineered, safest and most cost-effective arena system available.

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